Using a DC to AC Power Inverter in a Solar System

Can I use the (PI-6000) 6000 watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter in my solar system? Also can the CS-50 50 amp charger controller be used in a system this large?

Any DC to AC Power Inverter will work in a solar system. The power inverter is connected to your battery bank the solar panels simply charge your batteries and you use your stored power from your batteries to operate your electrical devices. The 6000 watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter will allow you to input up to 50 amps of ac power. The CS-50 charge controller will work with all solar panels, the charge controller allows you to pull 50 amps of solar power from the panels and charge your battery bank. Depending on the weather and solar exposure it is possible that you will not have enough solar power to take advantage of the full 50 amps. With these two Royal Power devices you can setup a nice size off grid solar power system. It might be best to connect several 12 volt batteries in your system so they can be charged during high solar periods and store the power for evening use.

A lot of people are not using solar power system at this point because they feel that it simply not an efficient backup power source. Most of the time this is true because the solar system isn’t setup properly. If you do not have proper cabling, and the right size battery bank then there will be a large amount of power lost during high charge periods and power lost because of lack of battery bank size. If you consult a technician and setup the right size battery bank and connect the panels to the charge controller and batteries properly then a solar power system can be a very nice off grid power solution. 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverters are quickly replacing high cost gas power generators in the off gird power systems. The cost of gasoline makes these backup system too costly to use. 24 volt dc t0 120 volt ac power inverters can be used as well in these types of solar power system with just a slight adjusted to the battery bank, but still using the very same batteries. Familiarize yourself series and parallel battery bank wiring diagrams to make sure your batteries are properly setup to not cause damage to your dc to ac power inverter or electrical devices or batteries.



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