DC to AC Power Inverters

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

DC to AC Power Inverters are devices that use direct current power from a 12 volt or 24 volt battery and convert the voltage into 120 volt standard alternating current. You can then plug all types electronics in your inverter. I would like to review all the types of electronics that can operate with a [...]

How to setup a proper solar power system

Posted on Nov 04, 2014

How to setup a proper solar power system. DC to AC Power Inverters have become more and more useful over the past few years. With the increased efficiency of solar panels many people are looking towards that option to reduce utility cost and also leave less of an environmental foot print. The use of a [...]

1500 Watt Power Inverters

Posted on Apr 28, 2014

1500 watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverters allow you to input 12.5 amps of 120 volt electronics. This mid range power inverter will allow you to set up a nice size backup to run several devices during emergency situations. DC to AC Power Inverters can be installed directly to a vehicle [...]

Using a DC to AC Power Inverter with my Coffee Machine

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

Can I used the Royal Power 2000 Watt Dc to AC Power Inverter to run my coffee machine in my RV? The coffee machine operates at 1800 watts or 17.2 amps of power. I am concerned with surge wattage and that I might be better off using the PI-3000 3000 Watt Dc to AC Power [...]

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