2000 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter to use in Convention Booth

We are looking for a DC to AC Power Inverter to power our convention booth this season. We have a light display that requires 9.0 amps to run. We would also like to power 3 laptops and small 1 amp radio. We were thinking about using the (PI-2000) 2000 Watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter for our system. Would this be large enough to keep our equipment working all day?

The (PI-2000) 2000 watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter can output 17 amps of AC power, that should be able to handle your required load. With the light display, laptops and radio you are probably looking at approximately 15 amps of ac power. At 15 amps you would need at least 300 amp/hours of power to operate the system for several hours. The size of the dc to ac power inverter would not determine the run time of the devices but the size of the battery bank reserve power. The power inverter size just determines the load capabilities of the system. The 2000 watt power inverter can run 17 amps of ac power constantly as long as the battery voltage level remains in the 10.5 volt to 15 volt range.

We always recommend testing your battery capabilities before you go to your convention. You should always test your system in a non-critical period to determine if you require more reserve direct current power. When using direct current either 12 volt or 24 volt batteries it is very important to setup a secure and short cabling diagram. The gauge of the cabling will also be critical in making sure you take advantage of the full battery reserve. Try using direct connect bus bars or 0 gauge cable connector between batteries. Before you just run out and purchase 10 batteries and setup your system you need to factor surge and continuous loads. The lighting system is listed at 9.0 amps but will not run continuous at that amperage or wattage. That is the peak of surge wattage required to run this system the load drop during continuous use, which will put less of a draw on your batteries. You can monitor the approximate wattage load with the digital display on the front of the power inverter, allow for the unit to turn all devices on and then give it a few second to surge down to get the continuous load. If your equipment has a cooling system with a fan you must check the load when the fan is running as the wattage will spike up during that time.

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