2000 Watt 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Power Inverter

The 2000 Watt 12 volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter allows you to use power from a dc or direct current power source and inverts it into 120 volt single phase alternating current. DC to AC Power Inverter have a huge range of applications, from mobile power stations to home ups backup power sources. A 2000 watt unit will allow you to operate up to 16.7 amps of electronic devices. 16.7 amps would be able to be used with all types of battery chargers, microwave, power tools and even small motor compressors.

If you require a mobile power station for your truck, bus or recreational vehicle 2000 watts of power would give you the ability to operate at a high standard of living. For truck drivers parked overnight 16.7 amps would allow you to run a laptop, microwave, radio, charge their cell phone and use a small heating blanket all at the same time. If you need to use a dc to ac power inverter for emergency outages then 2000 watt would allow you to run several heating or cooling systems. It is also ideal for emergency sump pump rate at 1/2 hp or lower.

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