1000 Watt 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC Power Inverter

The 1000 watt 12 volt dc to 12o volt ac power inverter uses direct current from a 12 volt system and converts the current in standard single phase north american current. 1000 watts of alternating current or 8.3 amps of power can be used to run a large range of electrical equipment. This dc to ac power inverter is ideal use with all battery chargers such as cell phones, cameras and laptop computers. A 1000 watt dc to ac power inverter can be used as an excellent off grid power on the go system for construction sites to run several small power tools.

This small unit can run several lights and small heating systems in the event of power outages. If you want to setup a backup power supply for home outages and would just like to operate a few emergency electronics. DC to AC Power Inverters can also be used in a source of household current on a camping site.

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